Silkwood Studio showing lights, modifiers and infinity cove

Looking for photography & video studio hire in Yorkshire?

We have 3,000 square feet of photographer paradise for you.

The studio is available to hire for short or long periods; from 2 hours to a full week, or as many days as you require – subject to availability.

Available to hire to photographers and videographers, amateurs and professionals, camera clubs and photography groups.

All of the sets are exclusively available to you with every studio hire, regardless of the time booked.

Floorplans of Silkwood Studio 2D and 3D views

What You'll Find When You Visit Us

The studio is 3,000 square feet and is laid out with a variety of sets.

There is a large, friendly reception area and a full sized kitchen.
We make sure coffee and tea is readily available, as well as lots of little treats to keep you going through those long shoots!

Available equipment includes a variety of studio lights, both mains and battery powered, plus a wide selection of lighting modifiers.

The studio is managed by two professional photographers and as a result all sets and equipment are exceptionally well maintained.

Includes use of all the sets, props, lights & modifiers, makeup / dressing room, reception area, kitchen with tea, coffee and treats.


£25 per hour

For 2 or more hours

£80 per ½ day

For up to 4 hours

£150 per day

For up to 8 hours

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Full list of equipment available at studio


2 x Pixapro Storm 400W
3 x Pixapro Lumi 400W
1 x Pixapro Storm II 600W
2 x Pixapro 600W battery lights
2 x LED continuous lights
2 x LED Fresnel lights


2 x 120cm x 30cm stripbox
2 x 160cm x 35cm stripbox
1 x 160cm octobox
1 x 95cm octobox
2 x 70cm octobox
2 x beauty dish
1 x 45° long focus tele-zoom reflector
6 x reflector dishes
Barn doors
Stands Lighting stands C stand


Flags black/white
Chairs (variety)
Dressing table
Chaise longue
Background stands
Backgrounds (various)
Material (various)
Punch bag
Boxing gloves
Hanging seat & swing

Changing Room

Hanging space
Make up space
Clothes (various)
Hats (various)
Accessories – jewellery, glasses, gloves