Facilities and Props at Silkwood Studio

The studio comprises a spacious open plan area with many different style spaces to shoot in, studio flashes, continuous lights, lighting modifiers, flags, a light and airy changing/make up room, a kitchen, a sound system, backgrounds, props, fabric, clothes, hats and jewellery, plus many more bits and pieces for you to use.

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Lights and Modifiers

A large range of lights and modifiers are included in the price of the studio hire.
Full list is detailed below.

There are 5 mains lights including a high speed light and 2 battery lights, 4 continuous lights 2 of which are fresnel lights. Plus a wide range of modifiers from large soft boxes to snoots, strip boxes to deep reflectors.

Features of the Lights and Modifiers

  • Included in the hire price
  • Wide range of modifiers
  • All inter-changable
  • Universal triggers provided

Changing and Make Up Room

Our light and airy make up room has everything you need to get changed and have your make up done, with plenty of space for your make up artist to work. There are also lots of clothes, hats, jewellery, fabric and accessories for you to use.

Features of the Changing and Make Up Room

  • Large area
  • Big window
  • Soft light
  • Mirrors
  • Sink
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Make up table

Props Available

We have an amazing array of props all available to use which are included in the hire price. There are a variety of chairs, a chaise lounge, a sofa, stools, boxes, steps, jewellery and dresses galore. All of these can be used however you want and wherever you want.
The prop list is detailed below.

Features of the Props

  • Included in the hire price
  • Move them to where you want
  • Great variety
  • Use in multiple places


As well as there being many different places in the studio to shoot against we have a large variety of backgrounds that can be put on a stands or used on the pulleys. There are canvases, muslins, a forest, bokeh, stripes, butterflies, a window, a library as well as a variety of colours of paper rolls.

Features of the Backgrounds

  • Included in the hire price
  • Great variety
  • Light to achieve different looks


Our kitchen has everything you need for drinks and snacks.
You’re welcome to help yourself to tea, filter coffee and biscuits.

Features of the kitchen

  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Cutlery, crockery and glassware
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Sink

Full list of lighting equipment

2 x Pixapro Storm 400W
3 x Pixapro Lumi 400W
1 x Pixapro Storm II 600W
2 x Pixapro 600W battery lights
2 x LED continuous lights
2 x LED Fresnel lights

2 x 120cm x 30cm stripbox
2 x 190cm x 35cm stripbox
1 x 160cm octobox
1 x 95cm octobox
2 x 70cm octobox
1 x beauty dish
1 x 45° long focus tele-zoom reflector
6 x reflector dishes
Barn doors

List of props available

Chairs (variety)
Red leather chair
Striped tub chair
Maroon velvet chair
Children’s chair
Children’s stool
Chaise longue
Small steps
Background stands
Backgrounds (various)
Fabric (various)
Punch bag
Boxing gloves
Hanging seat & swing

There are lots of other bits and pieces for you to use.
Ask, and if we’ve got it you can use it.

Window coverings to darken Silkwood Studio